Pittsburgh GLBTQ+ Tennis, Running, etc.

It’s finally summer and what’s better in summer than to get outdoors. There are so many activities that are great to do outdoor. Running If you like to run then check out FrontRunners as they do get together for outdoor runs. Let your hair down and feel the wind blow as you run or jog […]

Softball Early Registration is OPEN!

Steel City Softball has started the early registration for the 2013 season. Take advantage of an early registration discount for returning members of $65 ($10 discount) or sign-up today if you are a new member and your fee is only $45!  Tell your friends and come play with us! Please visit the Steel City Softball […]

Serve Receive – Proper Technique

This is the best video I’ve seen on proper technique for passing. The video editing must have taken some time but it is well worth it. It goes over proper stance or a good medium position as Terry Liskevych calls it, platform, sweet spot, and more. “SA Volleyball Coach Terry Liskevych has coached for over […]

Volleyball Sign Language (ASL) & Support Charity in the Deaflympics

If you play volleyball then you know how important it is to talk. If you’ve ever had a coach then surely they have yelled at you to talk more. It’s true, it helps the game. Not only does the communication help but the action of doing it keeps you mentally engaged with the game. Have you ever played […]

Softball Registration Set to Open – Steel City Softball

Steel City Softball tweeted that registration will open in less than a month, but when? No idea yet as they haven’t officially announced the date. Here’s their tweet Steel City Softball ‏@scsl Hey everybody! Registration opens in less than a month! Do you know where your teammates and players are? Don’t wait – get your balls […]

Fall 2012 Volleyball Season!

Hello volleyballers! In just a little over a month, our Fall 2012 season will begin. There are a few things you should know that have changed since last season: This year we are trying to process all registrations online There are discounts for registering early – after September 9th, fees will increase by about $10 […]

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