June 7th-16th is Pittsburgh’s GLBTQ++++++ Pride!

Pride in the Street

Don’t miss the Pride in the Street event on Saturday June 15th because that’s when Adam Lambert will be there! Sounds like a hot time. He’s gonna be blowing his lungs out for a 90 minute long show. Only downside is that it’s $35 but on the good side is it’s only $35!! Totally worth it to see a Grammy® nominee.

Now if Adam doesn’t get the blood flowing hard then check out Joe McElderry. He’s such a handsome guy and some of you may remember him from the 6th season of the X Factor. Yeah I’d totally like to get some x factoring on with him 😉

The list for this event goes on and on. The Delta Foundation of Pittsburgh has really out done themselves for this years line-up! Check out the official press release here, http://www.pittsburghpride.org/events/pride-in-the-streets/.

Pride March

So which sports organizations are going to be there? Softball? Bowling? FrontRunners? 5801 Darts? Volleyball? Well I don’t know but when you see them marching down that yellow brick road be sure to get some fierce yells out for those Queens and Queens..err Kings?

Have a blast this Pride and remember to look over all of the events at the official Pittsburgh Pride website.

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