Steel City Volleyball League Winter 2014 Season Registration is now open!

Registration for the Steel City Volleyball League Winter 2014 Season is now open!

Early bird registration ends on 1/5/14 – after this day, fees will increase by $10.

Click here[] to register online!

*No returning players will be permitted to participate in Open Play, Tryouts, or Skillz Clinics without first registering and paying. Also, if you prefer to register and pay at the gym, please come early! The registration table will only be open during the early part of the night.

Important Dates

  • Fri 1/3
    • 7-9PM – Spiker Tryouts Court 3 – Spiker/Power OPEN play courts 1 & 2
  • Sun 1/5 – Early Registration Deadline!
    • 4-6pm – Power Tryouts Court 3 – Power and Spiker OPEN play courts 1 & 2
    • 6-8pm – Setter Tryouts Court 3 – Rec and Setter OPEN play courts 1 & 2
  • Fri 1/10
    • 7-9pm – Setter Tryouts Court 3 – Rec and Setter OPEN play courts 1 & 2
  • Sun 1/12 – Registration Deadline!
    • 4-6pm – Spiker Tryouts Courts 3 – Rec and Setter OPEN play Court 1 & 2
    • 6-8pm – Power Tryouts Court 3 – Power and Spiker OPEN play Courts 1 & 2
  • Sun 1/19
    • 4-8pm – Round Robin Play



If you are new to the league and don’t know much about how we do things, here is a brief description of what to expect during the first two weeks for tryouts.

The SCVL offers four levels of play: Recreational, Setter, Spiker and Power. We would like you to select the division where you would like to be placed and join us at the Greentree Sportsplex for that tryout session. During the sessions, basic skills will be observed and pick-up games will be played in order to assess your skill level and determine if you should be placed in that division or assigned to another division. If you want to play in the Recreational Division you do not need to attend the tryouts. If you are NEW to the league (haven’t played in either the Winter 2013 or Fall 2013 season) and you want to play in Setter, Spiker, or Power, or you want to CHALLENGE your rating, you must participate in try-outs.

A brief description of the SCVL divisions:

Beginner/Novice – players who have limited experience and are learning to pass, set and hit.
Intermediate – Players know the basics and are learning/practicing advance techniques and court positioning. With each possession there is an attempt to pass, set and hit. Designated setters are typically used, and they almost always come from the front line (4-2 offense). Play is more competitive than recreational.
Competitive play – Players have a good understanding of the game and its objectives. This level of play executes good court coverage, ball distribution and service strategies. Each team will have a number of strong hitters and a setter. Teams typically play with a 5-1 offense.
Advanced Competitive play – Players at this level are able to serve with power, control and placement. On hits, players have the ability to alter direction, depth and speed of hits. The hitter may also use a dink or roll to put the ball down. Each team will have strong hitters and experienced setters. Teams typically run a 5-1 offense. Play is fast-paced. They have in depth knowledge of offensive and defensive game play, and use advanced strategies to be successful.

See you on the court!
The SCVL Board.

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