Registration for the Spring 2017 Steel City Volleyball is Open!

Welcome to the Winter 2017 Registration!

Since moving to Pittsburgh Elite, our league has grown significantly. In order to maintain a well-running league, the Board has made some changes to the registration process about which we would like to update you. We have strived to balance many league priorities, such as social cohesion, maximizing play time, encouraging cross-division mentorship, and openness to new players.

The upcoming changes you need to know are:

– Only returning, full-time members will have the choice to play in 2 divisions. New players must wait until their 2nd season at SCVL. All part-time members will be permitted to play in only 1 division.

– A cap on total players will be implemented based on the limits of the facility; we anticipate being able to accommodate all current players if they register during the early registration period.

– Each team may have 1 bye week during the season, based on limits of the facility.

– Past SCVL members will have early registration access

– Early Bird rates will be extended to everyone for this season (subject to change in future seasons).

– Tryouts/Ratings are Sunday Jan 8 and Sunday Jan 15.


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