GG9: Spectate in Style with Tartan Yachts!

Tartan Yachts, Gay Games Bronze and Sailing Sponsor, wants to share a special opportunity with you.

Spectate in Style with Tartan Yachts!

Sailing is an experience unlike any other. Escaping from the confines of land, the boat becomes one with the environment, moving with the forces of nature while harnessing them for your benefit. Some sail for the ultimate in relaxation while others, like the sailors in the Games, push the limits and sail for the surge in adrenaline.

Tartan Yachts exude classic elegance and sophistication while being engineered with progressive composite technology and thoughtful touches that deliver performance and comfort.

As the presenting sponsor of the Cleveland Gay Games Rainbow Regatta, Tartan Yachts is committed to the Gay Games mission of Participation, Inclusion and Personal Best, both on and off the water.


Tartan Yachts is offering an exclusive opportunity to experience the Cleveland Gay Games Rainbow Regatta in grand fashion. “The Ultimate Tartan Experience” will include spectating, a champagne brunch, afternoon sail and afternoon cocktail reception aboard the elegant Tartan 4700 James Gang.

The Tartan 4700 takes the experience of sailing to next level. Not only is the 4700 a classic beauty exuding sophistication, she is a true performer. The afternoon of sailing included in “The Ultimate Tartan Experience” can be customized to be an exhilarating thrill, racing through the wind, or a relaxing sightseeing cruise. Either way, the fortunate honoree and guests will be able to unwind and bask in the sunlight (and luxury).

To find out how to support the Cleveland Gay Games Rainbow Regatta and for pricing options for indulging in the good life, please visit  or contact Christine Corbissero at440-210-5133. 

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